Fire Hydrants for Local Firehall

The quilt group I am a member of, the Pine Needlers, made these really cute Fire Hydrant quilt blocks for our local Firehall. The pattern can be found on and was designed by MC Simard. The Dalmatian block was the exception….but oh so cute! And of course very appropriate for our Firehall.

Once the ladies turned them in, I pressed and pressed them and then turned them over to my husband who spent HOURS attaching the fabric quilt blocks to pieces of insulation in a very precise way! So these are little pieces of art work. Each block is signed on the back by the quilt artist in our group.

Back in December, we had one finished which we proudly gave to our Fire Chief at our annual holiday community dinner and he hung it up right away in the Firehall. And yesterday we left these outside his office door. Boy is he going to be surprised when he comes to work this week!

So many ways to participate in our communities! So I ask you, what have you done lately for your community? Get involved in one way or another. Even the smallest things matter, and you never know what positive outcome you might create.

Happy quilting!