Cricut & The Fox

What did the fox say? Who knows, and even though I don’t have this cool little machine the “Cricut Joy,” (I have the Cricut Maker), I was drawn in by the fox image on the coffee mug! Ah marketing, gotta love it.

What can you do with the Cricut Joy?

But whichever Cricut machine you might have, it’s all fun. I enjoy my machine all year long, but THIS time of year is when it really cranks out the fun!

Happy quilting, knitting, sewing, or whatever!


What Did the Fox Say?

What did the fox say? hatWell a lot, evidently! Many of my friends are sending me fox items, fox links, fox pictures, etc. And I love it! Did I mention I love it?

Here’s me (picture at left) with my new hat that Carey made. (Oh, and by the way, her daughter, Morgan, made the BEST sticky buns on the planet. How do I know this you ask? Well because I ate the entire tray over Christmas!) I’m going to wear my new hat rowing this winter because it is so cozy! And as my hiking buddies will attest to, I’ve already worn it on the trail. Ha!

And here are more fun foxy items from my friends:

Anita sent me information about this hat from Spoonflower.

Gerry sent me a “must have” fabric from Spoonflower.

I suspect this is just the beginning! Keep ’em coming ladies!

Happy quilting!