30’s Inspired Quilt

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This 30’s quilt was a joy to work on, especially since it was raining outside. The bright sunny colors warmed up the studio! Because some of the fabrics had cherries on them, and because Chris likes cherries, I did an overall cherry and leaf design using a yellow thread. Cheery O!


Fruit and Veggie Quilt

Fruits, veggies, and….what’s that?….cupcakes? Yes, in the middle of this fruit and veggie medley is one square of dessert. The gal that made this quilt, Joyce, obviously has a good sense of humor! So I figured in addition to the linear quilting which sets off the individual squares, that she might like an “organic pea pod” border. And you know how pea pods are; they are quite random. Some have two peas, some have three, and some even have four in them. And so it goes with this organic border as well! Happy quilting!

Where's dessert?
Pea Pod Border

Fruit & Veggie Quilted Tablerunner

Quilting designs run in my head all the time now. On this table runner, made with fruit and veggie fabrics (and oh so cute), my customer had a radish design that was recommended for the quilting. So I made a template that looked similar, and used it around the inside next to the outer border. Then I swooshed and swirled my way to fill in the lovely solid fabric in those areas. Yeah, I really like solid fabrics now!

Can you spot the Radish?

The wood grain fabric needed “tree bark” quilting, of course. Then to finish it off, a simple meander in the middle of each block was the ticket. The outer border got a leaf treatment with a matching thread color.

Wood Grain Quilting

Turn a Crate and Barrel Dish towel into art!

I saw these really cute dish towels at Crate & Barrel and thought they would make good quilting fodder. And sure enough, three thread colors and a few hours later, wa la! Dish towel turns into wall art. Yes, you too can turn your fun dish towels into art. I purchased all three towels from Crate & Barrel and plan to do all of them for my quilting studio. But if you don’t want to spend the time, you can always bring them to me for my longarm quilting services! Happy quilting!

Dishtowel into art!
Who knew?