Garden Gradation Quilt Kit

Garden Gradation Quilt by Lisa Bee-Wilson in McCall's Quilting Magazine

The folks at McCall’s Magazine are still selling the kit for my Garden Gradation pattern in their Quilt & Sew Shop! And it’s on sale right now.

So if you’ve wanted to make this quilt, but haven’t yet gotten around to it, now is a good time. And the kit even includes the pattern. No running around town to purchase fabrics….just “click, click, click” and it will be on it’s way to you (at least I think they are pretty fast at this shipping thing.)

Perhaps this is the summer project you were looking for?

Happy quilting!


Garden Gradation Class Photos

We had too much fun. Wait…is that even possible? No, perhaps not. It was a small, but feisty group at my first Garden Gradation class at Our Sewing Room in Springfield. Lots of design changes and color….love that! It’s always so fun to see what people do when the mental floodgates open. And hopefully once these ladies finish their quilts, I will be able to post photos of their completed quilts!

Inspired to make a Garden Gradation Quilt? You’re in luck! Go to my SHOP page to purchase the pattern. And faster than a speeding bullet (I just saw Man of Steel movie) I will pop it in the mail to you. Or join us for the next Garden Gradation class on September 29, 2013 at Our Sewing Room.

Happy quilting!