It’s Time for Monsters

Need that special something for someone? Need to laugh during these times? Perhaps a handmade fabric monster is the thing!



Halloween Book

Is it too late? BOO! Probably.

But maybe this would be a good book for next Halloween! That’s really what I should be doing….planning that far ahead. Otherwise it will just never happen the way I want it too. Heck, every year I forget to plan seeds for sunflowers, and then come August I wonder why I didn’t plant any. Well, THIS year I’ve put it on my calendar to remind me to do this in the Spring. Perhaps this Halloween book is the same thing. (Click on the image above to go to C&T Publishing’s site for new book releases.)

Plan, plan, plan.

Halloween 2016

Well yes, as a matter of fact, I am a bit late posting these photos. What’s that you say? Slacker? Well perhaps. Or maybe I just got busy preparing for my next party.

In any case, you can see that we had a great time. The costumes this year were once again AMAZING. I left out names to protect the innocent. But wait…there were no innocents.

I can hardly wait until next year……..!!