Halloween is Coming!

Halloween Skeleton Quilt

How do you like my new Halloween wall hanging! Pretty creepy, right? My friend Joyce gave me this fabric panel and I knew immediately it needed some fun spider-webby, wacky, tight quilting. So that’s what I did. And I love it! It’s a keeper!

And I can’t wait to receive my edible googley eyes in the mail. Not sure what I’ll be doing with those yet, but they simply called to me. Oh, and my Zombie Flamingo should be arriving soon too. Does everyone enjoy Halloween as much as I do?

Zombie Flamingo Lawn Ornament


Halloween Wall Hanging

Halloween Cats Halloween is upon us!

I found this cute project on Pinterest. And although it’s designed for a paper craft project, I thought it would look good in fabric too.

So in an afternoon (yes, you read that right!) I made it in the form of a wall hanging. How was I able to make it so quickly? Well, it was all iron-on applique using scrappy assorted black fabrics. There is no blanket stitching around the edges (way too time consuming at this point in my life!). Bing! And no quilting. I just made a “pillow case” type sandwich and inside out it went. Bang! Stitched around the edges to hold it. Boom! I even added in the hanging sleeve when I made the sandwich so I didn’t have to sew it on later. And of course there was no binding to do because it was turned inside out. Then my hubby cut me a thin piece of wood to go inside the hanging sleeve so I could bring it to work and hang it there (that only took about 5 minutes)! Done!

Sometimes I even amaze myself. Bing. Bang. Boom. Done! Happy Halloween!

Halloween Cats 2015

Halloween Bash

It was hopping last night at the First Annual (yep, there might be others) All Hallows Eve party. It was a night for the adults; although it occurs to me now that most of us were not acting like adults. Oh well.

Things were going well until my camera battery died, so I’m hoping for more photos eventually. In the meantime, enjoy this ghoulish group of crazies. And the food was amazing. I said potluck, and these folks really did it up. Gotta love a party where you don’t have to cook.

We watched Young Frankenstein and it was a hoot. It’s a classic. 1974. Black and white movie…..love it!

Happy Halloween!

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