Hand Dyed Napkins

One of my friends made these napkins with the hand-dyed fabrics she purchased from me. I love them! Thanks for sharing Kathy F!

I have a few hand-dyed squares of fabric listed on Etsy.com, and more to come. I just love doing this…What would YOU do with a colorful square of this fabric? Bandana? Napkin? Quilt project?

Hand Dyed Fabrics

My hubby and I had some fun hand dyeing some fabric. He tried the “ice dyeing” method and I used the “traditional squish-it-into-a-cup-and-see-what-happens method.” And actually everything we did turned out pretty darned spectacular. So stay tuned for more photos of the finished products!

The process is quite labor intensive. The dyeing is the easy part. After waiting 3 – 24 hours for the dye to set, there is a hand rinse, then a wash in Synthropol by hand, then a wash with Synthropol in the washing machine, and then a finish wash with Retayne. Can’t have any stray dye cruising around your projects, right? Whew!

It was great fun on a warm summer evening! And it turns out my hubby was really GOOD at this. (For those who know him this will come as no surprise…)

Stay tuned for more about our hand dyed fabric…..