Hearts4Doxies Quilt Donation

Hearts4Doxies Rescue is where these two quilts went for donation. They are now living in Houston, Texas with their new owner! (Not the dog, just the quilt!) As a quilter, it’s so wonderful to be able to give back in this way. I love animals, so this is a no-brainer for me.


Quilt Donation to Hearts4Doxies

A friend of mine, Tamara,  volunteers at Hearts4Doxies, and like all volunteer organizations, they are trying to raise funds for their expenses. Although I don’t have this particular breed of dog, I do love dogs….all dogs (OK, maybe some cats too). And I think it’s so fantastic when people volunteer their time, energy, and money to help out a great cause.

They had their HOWLiday auction recently and this little quilt sold for $75 to a H4D supporter in Texas. Awesome! I hand-dyed many of the fabrics in this quilt as I was experimenting with dyeing quilting fabric.

So check out their Facebook page, and if you feel like it, send some support their way.

Happy HOWLidays! (Sorry, just had to write that.)