Mt. Ranier Hiking

We will be going back to Mt. Ranier! We stayed for a few days in the historic Paradise Inn, and then we went around to the northeast side and stayed at a ski resort condo for a few more days. Unfortunately all the restaurants were closed, so we ate out of a cooler, but then after grocery shopping in Packwood, we had a kitchen for the last few nights and were able to cook.

Hiking on the Skyline Trail was challenging and fun and you get right up close to the mountain. Then on the east side, starting our hikes from Sunrise (the highest spot you can drive to in the park), it was game on with more amazing views and long hikes.

What an amazing national park!


Mt. Hood Hiking

Mt. Hood in the fall…a beautiful site. Not much snow, but no smoke (yet) and a clear day at Mirror Lake. The hiking trails were amazing, well-marked, and not heavily used the week we were there.

Here is the takeaway….just say “Ahhhhhhhhhhh.” Deep breath and exhale. Feel better? I do.

T-Shirt Memory Quilt

Finally got out those old t-shirts and made something with them! These are from my hikes, walks, and rowing days of yesteryear.

And of course, the “sensitive artist” t-shirt was placed on the back in case anyone decided they didn’t like the quilt…ha! What’s not to like? Lots of color. Nothing matches. Perfect. And in case you too need a “sensitive artist” t-shirt, the designer is Fred Babb. I picked up this shirt at a museum when traveling to Sacramento years ago.

Striped fabrics are really fun to work with, and lo and behold, when I went into my stash I found quite a few. Amazingly I still have a lot of striped fabrics left, even after making this colorful quilt. Who knew?

Yes, I’ll keep working on stash busting!

Hiking in the Willamette National Forest

Memorial Day Weekend: warm weather and a beautiful day to hike. We took a 2 hour stroll along the Middle Fork of the Willamette River, below Diamond Peak. The hike was mostly level and shady, which was perfect for an 80 degree day.

We were making our second attempt to reach the Diamond Peak trailhead via our car, but three weeks ago snow blocked the road from the north, and now snow again blocked our path coming from the southwest. Guess we’ll need to try again in another month or so. We got so tantalizing close!

At the point we got stopped, there was a large tree that we squeaked through, but only got another hundred yards up the road when the snow stopped us. So that was our lunch spot. There was a beautiful waterfall and view of the valley below. Not a bad place for lunch, eh?

Happy trails!