Irish Coffee Cake from Craftsy Class

While I was sewing this week, I was watching a Craftsy class. This “Irish Whisky Cake” looked easy and fast and pretty spectacular. So I gave it a try.

Sure enough, it was as easy as the class video said it would be! Darned if I don’t love my premium membership. I can watch any class at any time. And while I don’t have a lot of time to watch the classes, they certainly are fun to flip through until I find one like this, that inspires me.

Since the cake is a combination of coffee and chocolate, I thought I’d use Kahlua instead of Whisky for the whipped cream. Sure enough, it tasted pretty good. I didn’t have the white chocolate and dark chocolate bars the curls called for, so I substituted your basic Hershey’s Milk chocolate and the curls came out just fine. I did small ones using my potato peeler. I’m nothing if not flexible when it comes to chocolate!

So whether watch one class, or become a premium member, Craftsy will fill up your afternoon with fun!

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