Make Modern Online Magazine

Make Modern Online Quilting Magazine

A great opportunity to be “green” and get a fabulous quilting magazine. It comes online to your inbox and you can look at it whenever you like. This modern quilting magazine comes to us from Australia and the gals that put it together are amazingly creative. Fun projects in each addition. And why yes, I am an affilitate because I think this magazine is so spectacular. I only promote what I think is pretty cool. So if you get a moment, head over to their website and check out MAKE MODERN magazine!

And remember, their pricing is quoted in Australian dollars, so check out the conversion rate to US dollars and you’ll probably find instead of $40 per year subscription, it’s really $28 per year US dollars (see note below from their website).

Happy new year! And happy quilting!


Modern Wall Hanging

modern wall hanging

modern wall hanging

modern wall hanging

This is a small wall hanging I put together as a present for my sister. The inspiration was the fabric she made in a printmaking class years ago. There are two fabrics in it that she made; one is the light green with frilly circles, and the other is the “striped”  green fabric which has several colors of green in it.

The camera color was a bit off as the dark fabric you see is actually a dark gray fabric. I did some straight line (well, in my world as a free-hander it’s NEVER straight!) with some pebbled areas as well. A few triangles were left completely unquilted just to give it that “edge” it needed. I used a hi-loft polyester batting so it has some nice definition.

I love doing this type of work. Very free-form, very relaxing. No wrongs, just a lot of rights!

Happy quilting!

Back on the Longarm

Well, for a bit. Full-time work just really “gets in the way” of my social life, my quilting life, my gardening. Who knew?

Anyway, I managed to do Joyce’s quilt over the past couple weeks. This is her Challenge Quilt for the 2016 Blackberry Jam Quilt Show and after that I believe she will be taking it to her second home in San Diego to use on one of the bedrooms there. It’s quite cheerful and happy and lovely. It’s based on my CITY VIEW pattern, but I like the way she changed up a few things. The challenge fabric this year was quite bold and colorful, and she did a marvelous job calming that down with her color choices of the other fabrics, especially the gray. Nice job Joyce!


One Hour Table Runner

Laura S. sent these great photos in of the One Hour Table Runner she made! She said: “This was my first attempt at anything like this, but I enjoyed using the pattern I found, and thought I would share my finished project. I have primarily sew garments before this, so this was very different than anything I have ever done.”

And may I say, great job Laura! It’s so fun to see what is made with my patterns. This one came from a period of collaboration between Sheila Sinclair Snyder and myself. We were trying to come up with fun, easy, quick patterns that had a bold and dramatic impact. So thanks for sending these Laura!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! And if you want to send in photos of a quilt you’ve made from one of my patterns, please do! I will (of course) brag about it in some fashion on my website!

Happy quilting!