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Silver Falls Hiking

What a fabulous weekend at Silver Falls State Park! The sun was shining and it was perfect hiking temperature. We went on the Trail of 10 Waterfalls. Although it was the end of Spring Break, the trails weren’t too crowded. And bonus, the little cafe at the south end of the park was open and I had a glass of wine and a sandwich after the 8+ mile hike! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Oregon State Pie

So I get back from my trip to Washington DC where I had a taste of the official Maryland State Dessert, The Smith Island Cake, and I thought, hmmmmmm…..why doesn’t Oregon have a State Dessert? I searched but found no mention of one, so like any good citizen I wrote one of my friends who happens to know about all-things-legislation in Salem and also one of my legislators to find out how to get such a bill introduced and what the process is for making this happen. (No one can accuse me of sitting on my heels…)

Well sure enough, my friend (thank you Catherine!) wrote back and said indeed there IS such a bill working it’s way through the Oregon legislature as we speak! So someone already had the brilliant idea to make Marionberry Pie our State Pie. And since pie is dessert, and marionberries are fabulous, I vote yes! Here is the text of the bill working it’s way through the legislature now.

So if you feel strongly one way or the other about Marionberry Pie, write your representative right now! And then head to the kitchen to make yourself some pie (that is, of course, if you have stashed away some marionberries in the freezer like all good Oregonians do!).


Oregon Ducks in Virginia

oregon duckMy sister sent me this from Virginia. Yes, Oregon Ducks are EVERYWHERE! Shall I just say, “Go Ducks!”

Makes you want to get out those yellow and green fabrics, doesn’t it?

Happy quilting!