Make Modern Online Magazine

Make Modern Online Quilting Magazine

A great opportunity to be “green” and get a fabulous quilting magazine. It comes online to your inbox and you can look at it whenever you like. This modern quilting magazine comes to us from Australia and the gals that put it together are amazingly creative. Fun projects in each addition. And why yes, I am an affilitate because I think this magazine is so spectacular. I only promote what I think is pretty cool. So if you get a moment, head over to their website and check out MAKE MODERN magazine!

And remember, their pricing is quoted in Australian dollars, so check out the conversion rate to US dollars and you’ll probably find instead of $40 per year subscription, it’s really $28 per year US dollars (see note below from their website).

Happy new year! And happy quilting!


Make Modern Magazine

This is a wonderful digital magazine I have been reading for about a year. It comes from some fun quilters in Australia and I love the vibe they have. And it’s digital so you can take it anywhere.

Extra bonus: no recycling to worry about! And now that I work in Waste Management at the County I live in, that really works for me.

Check it out: Make Modern Quilt Magazine