Veterinarian Scrubs Quilt

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What to do with all those old scrubs? Make a quilt of course! And what a great use of old fabric. So colorful and fun and surely full of memories. So if you are a vet or a vet tech, or perhaps even a nurse or a doctor, this might be something for you! Of course, if you’re not a quilter, you’ll have to find a friend that is!

This is a colorful and scrappy quilt, so no fancy quilting was required. I did a sort of paisley loop meander across the entire surface in a fairly large scale. All the better for snuggling with!

Happy quilting!

2011 Blackberry Jam Raffle Quilt

My quilt group puts together a raffle quilt for the Blackberry Jam Festival each year. And today was the day! This year our theme was “Patriotic” with red, white and blue fabrics. Everyone made some blocks and brought them to the meeting. We laid them out and decided on the design and then started sewing the blocks together. It’s amazing how many hands make light work. By 3 pm we had put it together, and now all that is left is buying the backing fabric (thanks Chris!), quilting it (yes, I get to do that!), and binding it (thanks Kathy!). We hope to have it ready by January so we can start selling tickets. The quilt show is in late July, so there is plenty of time to purchase some. And of course I will let you know when they are available.

Happy quilting!

Scrappy Relief

I am a scrap quilter. Wow, that sounds like a confession. Not to worry, I won’t be going on a 12-step program anytime soon. I enjoy using my leftovers for crazy projects. So now I’m on a mission of sorts to use up my scraps and to create fun quilts. This is my first one that I’ve taken from concept to reality. I hope to make a pattern of it and try to sell some. So if you think this is interesting, I’d really like to know (and if you’re not, I’d like to know that too).

Of course I had to quilt the *!@# out of it as well! I made up my own templates and then went for it. I like the way it turned out; lots of relief. As a matter of fact, I’ve named it “Scrappy Relief.” Please let me know your feedback!

This is very tight quilting, as so is on the spendy side, but I love doing this kind of work. It really can make solid areas look fantastic. If this is the type of quilting you want on your quilt, I’d be happy to do it. We can work together to create a design that fits the quilt. Happy quilting!