Houston Star Block Challenge Quilts

Photo from Karen Nyberg’s Facebook page

NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg’s Star Block Challenge Results are AMAZING!

So many blocks were turned in they had to make lots of quilts! In the photo at left, my block is in the 6th row, 5th from the left! Star Block for Challenge 001

Check out all the Star Block Challenge quilts that were displayed at the Houston show last month.

And if you submitted a block, happy hunting!


Modern Circle Quilt

This quilt made by Gerry B. is a study in modern circles. She created these wonderful scrappy circles and them appliqued them onto the black fabric. So much black fabric! So many choices. In the end, because she likes stars, I did a star motif in the black area with some feathers surrounding it. In order to keep the border simple and set off the interior, I did some straight line work. It was hard to photograph, but you get the idea.

Happy quilting!