Eyebrow Quilting
Eyebrow Quilting
Marilyn's Japanese Puzzle Quilt
Marilyn’s Japanese Puzzle Quilt

This is a wonderful wall hanging done in with batiks for Japanese feel. This class is usually taught by Cherie at Piece by Piece. Using variegated threads, it is quilted with an “eyebrow” pattern in the middle, some stitch ‘n the ditch around the inner border, and finished off with a “sunrise” outer border. And to top it off, the tiny 1″ inner border has a curly vine in a different variegated thread. Fun!

Happy quilting!


Feather Fun

I love doing all kinds of feathers. This little quilt had all sort of things going on in it. I did a loose wavy cross hatching in the blue areas and assorted feathers in the peachy areas.

Joan's Quilt

The addition of “Terry Twist” design in the 9 patch areas added to the curvy quilting design. I changed from a “melon” colored thread to a “rail gray” thread in the dark areas. There was a lot of ruler work in order to keep the stitching in the ditch as I worked my way down the triangular pieces. But worth the extra effort I think.

Happy quilting!

Flower Power!

Flower Power!

I enjoy doing custom work, and this quilt, a beautiful example of machine applique, gave me another opportunity. The small stippling around the flowers really make them pop. I try to match the thread color to the background as much as possible so the flower is emphasized, not the stitching. I stitched in the ditch between the border and the main body of the quilt. The border has a leaf vine and curl treatment. Between all sixteen flower blocks there is also a leaf vine and curl that swirls around. Happy quilting!

Saturday Quilting

Alas, what does a quilter do on a Saturday? Well finish a customer quilt of course! But seriously, my friend Joyce needed a quilt done quickly, and I put pedal to the metal and got it done. Some stitch in the ditch, a couple of swirly borders, and some basic meandering in the middle. Wa la!

You see, with the “supervisor’ watching, there is no slacking in my studio. (See photo of supervisor below.)

And after a hard morning row on the lake with my crew team, slacking is exactly what I wanted to do!