Modern Wall Hanging

modern wall hanging

modern wall hanging

modern wall hanging

This is a small wall hanging I put together as a present for my sister. The inspiration was the fabric she made in a printmaking class years ago. There are two fabrics in it that she made; one is the light green with frilly circles, and the other is the “striped”  green fabric which has several colors of green in it.

The camera color was a bit off as the dark fabric you see is actually a dark gray fabric. I did some straight line (well, in my world as a free-hander it’s NEVER straight!) with some pebbled areas as well. A few triangles were left completely unquilted just to give it that “edge” it needed. I used a hi-loft polyester batting so it has some nice definition.

I love doing this type of work. Very free-form, very relaxing. No wrongs, just a lot of rights!

Happy quilting!


Fall is in the Air

This has got to be one of the cutest wall hangings I’ve seen! Shirley D. made this and her applique work is just exquisite. I had a lot of fun putting in quilting here and there. And on the border I designed a fall leaf with swirl design and quilted it in red thread. Who doesn’t like red thread?

Fall is here. Happy quilting!

Sunflower Quilt

What a pretty sunflower wall hanging. Catherine S. made this quilt top and did a fine job of the applique. The pattern is called “Sunflowers” and is made by Bee Creative Studio, now called Nancy Murty Designs (should have been my company name, right?).

I used five colors of thread on this, and wanted to make the sunflowers pop out, so I quilted the background fairly tight. I hope Catherine enjoys it as much hanging on her wall as I did quilting it!

Happy Quilting!

Happy Colors

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A very beautiful wall hanging made by Nancy F. The quilting had to match the detail work that Nancy did, and I think the design achieved the desired effect! It was fun to work on; who doesn’t like looking at pretty, bright fabrics when the days go gray?

Happy quilting!