Fabric Twine and Then Some

Fabric Twine by Towerhouse QuiltsAnd how cute is this fabric twine? Pretty cute, I’d say! And while I’d like to take credit for this incredible invention, I….alas….cannot. One of my friends sent me this fabric twine tutorial by My Poppet and it instantly resonated with me.

So I started making some because goodness knows I have a FEW scraps. (Hence the Scrapalicious Class people! Yes, it’s for me as well as you!) And pretty soon I had a huge ball of twine.

But me, being me….I had to find a way to “liven up” the presentation of the twine on the spool, so I got some jewelry wire spools from my friend Kathy at Moon Silver Studio and I was off to the races into my studio. I fashioned a cute cushioned top for the spool and am planning to make a cute round label to put on the bottom. Well everything just has to be cute, right? Then I wind about 4-5 yards of the fabric twine on the spool and it becomes just the cutest gift EVER! (OK, tired of me saying, “cute” yet?) I’m even thinking of making some to list on my Etsy Shop page.

This fabric twine tutorial will be the focus of my next Scrapalicious Class coming up on Thursday, September 11th at Our Sewing Room in Springfield. So if the twine moves you, come on down and learn how!

Happy quilting!

And here are some ideas on how to use fabric twine from all of you:

1. Using them in the garden to tie up vines

2. Braiding them together for bag handles

3. Wrapping packages

Leisure Arts Sale!

Leisure Arts ImageI just joined up with the affiliate program with Leisure Arts….exciting times! And they are having a Labor Day Sale from August 29 – September 1, 2014. So if you get a chance, check it out.

Happy quilting!