Feathered Star Quilt Wall Hanging

There is nothing as beautiful as a traditional feathered star quilt. This one was done by Janet H. and is simply stunning. I believe she is going to put it in the EVQ show, so you have an opportunity to see it in person in early October. It is fun working on smaller projects sometimes. Some straight line work, some feathers, a border treatment….and this little jewel came into being.

Happy quilting!

Feathered Star Quilt

This feathered star quilt was made by Viki W. and what a beauty it is. She used some asian-inspired fabrics and it really sparkles. She is going to show this at the upcoming EVQ Quilt Show in Eugene this coming weekend, so if you want to see it up close and personal, head out to the show.

I was inspired by her excellent piecing and sharp points! The longarm quilting designs merged the traditional (feathers) and the modern (gentle meandering swirl with straight line border treatment) to compliment her beautiful feathered star.

Interested in making your own feathered star quilt? Check out free patterns on Jinny Beyer’s website.  Or purchase Marsha McCloskey’s book, Feathered Star Quilt – Blocks – II, on Amazon.com; click here to purchase: Feathered Star Quilt Blocks II


Happy quilting!

Hiking on the McKenzie River Trail

Hiking with the girls….what could be better? Well, read until the end and I can list two things that might be at least as good. (That’s me in the middle in case you were wondering.)

I went on an 11+ mile hike yesterday up the McKenzie River Trail with some of my hiking buddies. Beautiful day, great weather, a huge frog, nice trail, bright orange fungus on a tree trunk, roaring rapids and a waterfall…and not a single drop of rain fell on us until we got back to the car. After 6 hours on the trail, the pizza from Fall Creek Market and the Arabella Cabernet Sauvignon (from South Africa) were a super treat!

And so today it’s back in the saddle….here I come quilting machine!

Happy quilting!