Anatomy of a Quilt Design – The Quilting

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Now that the quilt is ready to quilt, it has to be hooked onto the machine, thread choices must be made, and a quilting design must be decided upon. No small task! I usually do a lot of thinking before I hook the quilt onto the machine, and after looking at it as I’m hooking it on, I finalize my design plan. I have a white board on the wall by the machine, and I draw out my plan there. Sometimes I go through several ideas before I land upon the one I think will work best. Figuring out which design best suits the quilt – within the customers budget – can be a tricky process. It’s always easy to come up with the “heavy custom” solution, but coming up with the less expensive version that still enhances the quilt is more difficult.

In this slideshow, you see me hooking the quilt onto the longarm machine and choosing the thread colors. The quilting design is already in my mind, but you’ll have to wait for next time to see what I did! Stay tuned!

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