Anatomy of a Quilt Design – Borders Completed

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The borders have been added to the quilt top and so the top is now ready for quilting. Oh wait, no it isn’t! I have to make a back for the quilt.

So to keep you totally enthralled with this process, and to keep the mystery and the magic going, which fabric do you think I chose for the back?

Fabric choices for border
One of these perhaps?
Light fabric border possibility
Or is this the backing fabric?

Stay tuned!

This exciting detail will be announced soon…same bat time, same bat channel.

I have to keep you guessing, don’t I? Otherwise, this is just way too easy.


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  1. love the corner detail on your border! It really makes the eye travel! Now to see what you decide for your quilting pattern! Hummmmm, I can’t even imagine!


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