Scrapalicious Class so Much Fun!

Our first Scrapalicious Class was great fun. There were piles of fabric being cut into various sizes, and designs were put up on the design wall at Our Sewing Room. Lelani choose to create a unique potholder out of some very fun scraps, and we are hoping to see the finished product next month (along with her doll creations)! No pressure…..uh, well, maybe a little pressure! But it’s all in fun.

This is an on-going monthly drop-in type of class, so feel free to join in whenever your scraps get overwhelming. Just call Our Sewing Room to sign up, or you can sign up right here on my website on my Classes page.

And if you are coming to the class, remember to bring examples of your scrap quilts if you’ve done any before. We love show ‘n tell!

Happy quilting!


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    1. 2nd Thursday of each month from 1-4 pm at Our Sewing Room. Check out my “Classes” tab (top of the page) on my website for details!


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